Got $13.10 to spend?

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Doing things for the lulz isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but this offer is really, really tempting.

After upsetting the Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor last week, the Rockets promptly did further damage to Michigan’s credibility this season by getting pantsed 38-7 in DeKalb against recent MAC cellar-dwellar Northern Illinois.  In anticipation of its first game back in the Glass Bowl after the upset, Toledo is rolling at the proverbial red carpet to welcome in the conqu’ring heroes.  Starting today, the University of Toledo Athletic Department has unveiled a litany of merchandise for public consumption.  The headliner, of course, is this spiffy t-shirt seen to the right.  Posters will also go on sale at the same time.

The price for these items? You guessed it: $13.10, a not so subtle reminder of the final score of the game.

Of course, not all of us live in the Toledo area.  For those interested, the merchandise will be sold online with the relevant $5.00 shipping and handling fee attached.

Necessary disclaimers: I’m sure Rodriguez is going to get the Wolverines to top-flight status eventually and that this is an ugly transition year and that, basically, all Toledo’s loss means to the Buckeyes is that losing to the Wolverines would be a disaster.  That said, this offer — even down to the price gimmick — is very, very tempting.


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  1. 1 Jeff at The BBC

    I’m half-tempted to buy 50 of them, sell them outside the Shoe on November 22nd for 20 bucks a pop, and use the profits to buy a ticket from a scalper.


  2. 2 Justin

    Gotta love that shirt. I still see the App State shirts floating around here and there.

    BTW – Nice idea Jeff!

  3. 3 El Caballo de Sangre

    Yo, Vico. Long time no time.

    Anyway, even though it’s not the main thrust of your post, I’m gonna take a little bit of issue w/ your DickRod prediction.

    If, by “top-flight status” you mean top-five recruiting classes, one of the highest-powered offenses around, a gaudy winning percentage, perennial top ten rankings, etc., you’re probably right. But: you know who else ran a similarly “top-flight status” program? John Fucking Cooper.

    I’ve been saying this for a little while, and while it’s admittedly still early in Rodriguez’s tenure, some of the warning signs are there:

    Mercenary/Outsider? Check and check.

    Chokes in Big Games? Check. Cooper, too many to mention. Rodriguez – Pittsburgh last year and Toledo this year. There’s more to say on this topic, including the recent (last 10-15 years) importance of Big Games that need to be won to get to EVEN BIGGER GAMES and the corollary description of UM vs. UT 2008 as a “Big Game” because of what it does to the Wolverines’ season, but that’s a whole essay by itself.

    Problems at home? Check. People used to gush over Cooper’s out-of-state recruiting, but I heard lots of talk – from people who were in a position to know – that his relationships w/ Ohio’s high school programs were strained, to put it politely, compared to what had come before and since. Now we hear via current Michigander, highly rated (in Michigan, anyway) TE recruit, and future Buckeye Reid Fragel that there’s some talk amongst the MI HS FB community that Rodriguez’s recruiting focus is out-of-state and seems, fairly or not, disrespectful to said community. I don’t know how valid that opinion is, but regardless of that newspaper stories about it can’t be helpful.

    Amoral dick? Check. I had two chance encounters w/ Cooper and though he wasn’t overtly rude, he couldn’t have been more personally aloof and dismissive (by way of contrast, I’ve had one such encounter w/ Tressel and he couldn’t have been more courteous and personable if he’d tried). In Rodriguez’s case, there’s the example of Justin Boren to consider. If you believe Penn State message boards, DickRod called Nick Sheridan a “dumb motherfucker” for taking a safety this past Saturday (by way of contrast, I met Tim Schafer this past summer and he told me that he never heard Tressel swear once the entire time he was at Ohio State).

    Doesn’t “get it”? (“it” being whatever makes a given college football program special): Check. Cooper – 2-10-1 vs. Michigan, and it never really seemed to bother him that much. As someone who grew to dread the 3rd Saturday in November over those years, I can tell you that IT BOTHERED ME A GREAT FUCKING DEAL. Asked Saturday how he felt about the breaking of Michigan’s nine-game winning streak vs. Penn State, all DickRod could say was “I’ve been here nine months”. Jeebus. Cue more throwing of the whole program’s history and tradition under the bus on Saturday after Little Brother romps and then on Nov. 22nd. Downplaying once-in-a-century losses and seasons and de-emphasizing rivalries is what EPIC FAILures like Cooper, Weis, and, now, Rodriguez do.

    I could go on. And, certainly, there are holes in this theory. But I’ll stand by the idea that, no matter how long Rodriguez is at Michigan, they’re always going to regret this hire in exactly the same way that we regret Cooper’s.

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