Beanie Watch: Sept 2

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To be honest, I don’t think there’s much of a reason to really drag out the issue since all signs seem to be pointing to Beanie being fine. Per Bucknuts:

Tressel said the outlook involving Wells, a junior and Heisman Trophy candidate, has become increasingly optimistic in the last 70 hours. He trainers labeled Wells as doubtful for this week’s game with Ohio University early this morning.

“Then I saw Beanie about 10:30-ish in the training room and he said he felt great,” Tressel said. “He’s coming along.”

So in terms of the Beanie Injury Freakout Advisory System, we’ve gone from a high risk of a freakout to a guarded risk of a freakout.  This appears to be the nature of what’s ailing the most important toe in America at the moment: it hurts.  Simple as that.  In this purview, the fastest way to heal it is to stay off of it.

Ergo, Beanie is likely to sit out against Ohio.

Ohio State football Head Coach Jim Tressel said running back Beanie Wells, who injured his right foot in the season opener Saturday against Youngstown State, is doubtful to play this weekend against Ohio. Tressel did not provide medical specifics or a diagnosis for Wells’ injury.

The more pressing issue is the game in two weeks at Southern Cal, a game that could shape the national title race.

“He wouldn’t play Saturday if he doesn’t get some work in this week,” Tressel said. “I wouldn’t expect him to practice today. We’ve got some work Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday is a walk-through day. We’re hoping he can back in there as early as this week. Realistically, I don’t think there are any promises.”

Tressel did elaborate on the process by which a player with an injury can play or can’t play.  The first hurdle is the player.  If the player — in this case: Beanie — feels he can’t go, he doesn’t play.  Naturally, because all players hate to sit out, the second, and much more important tier is the medical experts.  In essence, the medical personnel can veto the player’s impulse to play if they feel that there’s a high risk of aggravating the injury.  However, if the medical personnel clears him, it’s Tressel’s decision to ultimately play him.  Tressel bases this decision off of how the player practices on Wednesday and Thursday.

That said, it looks like Beanie might be a go for USC after all.  Whew.  I must have Beanie win the Heisman this year, though I think he can sacrifice sitting out the Ohio game to do it.  150yds 4.5-5ypc and 2 TDs in a victory against USC (she said hopefully) is worth more than 400yds, 9ypc and 6 TDs against the Bobcats.

On an unrelated note, I uploaded Beanie’s highlight run of the game against Youngstown State in the opener.  However, I don’t see myself creating a highlight reel because I think other Buckeye fans on YouTube have beaten me to it (see here and here).  I only upload stuff to YouTube after I’m convinced it’s nowhere else to be found, so I hate just adding more of the same.  I guess if there’s interest out there, I’ll reconsider.  If interested, you can enjoy the first of what I hope is at least 40 more Beanie TDs to come below.


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