Washington, O’Neal out the first two games.

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Donald Washington, at photo day
You can use your imagination as to what the cause of the suspension was1, but it was just recently confirmed that secondary mainstay Donald Washington and Glenville alum Jamario O’Neal will indeed miss the first two games of the season. Both players admitted the punishment at today’s media day, with Bucknuts gracious enough to provide the public at large photos of the event.  Naturally, I can only hope that missing two potential hosings of the Penguins and Bobcats won’t adversely affect either for the big showdown in Los Angeles. Enh, if anything, it might give Chimdi Chekwa some valuable work to get him ready for USC as well.

Of course, they’re just pictures, but I’m still impressed with how fit Nader Abdallah looks, and with both of our eyes squarely on the defensive line for this season (with keen emphasis on the interior), we’re hoping that Abdallah can break through his senior season and become a force for offensive guards.

JawJah, represent

Cam Heyward just looks like a bad, bad dude.

  1. Don’t use too much of it, though.  Grass gets mowed, not smoked, gentlemen. []


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  1. 1 Vico

    More pictures… courtesy of Josh Winslow, a much better person than I. http://public.fotki.com/jwinslow/photos/football/college/2008-media-day/

  2. 2 Gabby Jay

    I can’t stop looking at this picture.

  3. 3 Flabuck

    #21 looks like a young Mike Jenkins……….WR #12 ……LOL

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