Eugene Clifford in trouble again

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Eugene Clifford (allegedly) thinks Ohio State is underrepresented in the Fulmer Cup.

Eugene Clifford, a backup cornerback for Ohio State and former Colerain High School football standout, is facing assault charges after allegedly punching two men in the face.

According to police, Clifford hit two Holy Grail employees who were trying to break up a fight early Friday at the Corryville tavern. No further information about the brawl was available.

Sad turn of events for Clifford. If you remember, Clifford was suspended for that game in January that I don’t feel like talking about. His move to safety for this upcoming season was supposed to signal a turnaround for the former Colerain HS prep star. However, Clifford seems to be in the thick of it again, buttressing his marijuana possession rap sheet (in HS) and (presumed) positive drug tests in December 2007 and April 2008 with likely assault charges.

I’m also hearing that this may be it for Clifford, and that he may be on his way out of the program. Indeed, rumors like this were picking up over the past month that Clifford may have had one foot out the door. With this most recent run-in with the law, there’s more and more speculation that Clifford won’t be joining the fold for the 2008 season after all. Of course, all of this is innuendo at the moment.

It’s a shame this had to happen. I hope he turns it around, be it at Ohio State or elsewhere.


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    Hmm, if this pans out to Clifford’s detriment, he’ll at least add to a resume that’ll make him a perfect fit for the Bengals.

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