You’re not the only one starting the workweek

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Ah yes, if there’s one thing to let you know football is fast approaching, it’s the arrival of the incoming class of freshmen to start summer school. Indeed, Buckeye football fans can take solace knowing that the one recruit you know and love and can’t get enough of — yes: Keith Wells — has safely arrived on campus. Oh, and Terrelle Pryor is also on campus too.

Bucknuts also recently ran a feature on how the incoming freshmen became guinea pigs in the name of science over the weekend. Specifically, the article discusses how Eric Lichter, strength and conditioning coach for the Buckeyes, had the incoming freshmen subjected to biometric testing to determine imbalances, asymmetries and perhaps lagging heretofore unseen injuries before Lichter runs them ragged in conditioning. Said Lichter: “We are always out there looking for cutting edge techniques to give our athletes an advantage as long as they are within the rules.”

Bucknuts also posted some pictures of the event. Since this is the month of their free crack pipe for everyone, I hope it doesn’t upset them too gravely to post just one image here.

Terrelle Pryor undergoes biometric testing. (Bucknuts)
Terrelle Pryor undergoes biometric testing. (Bucknuts)

For what it’s worth, Terrelle Pryor measured in at 6’3.5 and 225lbs. I thought he was supposed to be 6’6.

If nothing else, this latest feature should serve as a counterweight to all the fluff pieces on Mike Barwis. Apparently I’m supposed to care that Mike Barwis overhauled a weight room in Ann Arbor? Look at the Pryor photo: Eric Lichter is creating bionic football players. Now somebody cue the opening to The Six Million Dollar Man.


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4 Responses to “You’re not the only one starting the workweek”

  1. 1 Dan Isaacs

    Bucknik (Jim Davidson, photog extraordinaire) said the Dispatch had a misprint. He measured in at 5’5.5″. Jim’s also got some good pics of the other frosh on theozone.

    I used to read the ozone religiously, but I’m finding the Web 1.0 format to be a bit of a hindrance. Just put articles on the front page, guys. Or at least link directly to them.

    Tony Gerdman needs to be writing his own blog, every day. Love that guy.

  2. 2 MikeLew

    There’s a typo in the post above regarding the typo- Pryor measured in at 6’5.5″, not 6’3.5″ nor 5’5.5″….

  3. 3 Gabby Jay

    The post I link to says 6-3.5 even though Dan provided helpful information on the error in measurement. However, Bucknuts was what I was first reading when I made the post and they still haven’t changed the measurement in their entry.

    Their exact words that I had read when I made the post:

    In accordance with NCAA rules, none of the freshmen were available for comment. But it was noted that Pryor was measured in bare feet at 6-3 ½ and 225 pounds.

  4. 4 Crotch Sniffa

    Yeah its said that was a error…he’s 6’5 not 6’3 …plus the pics of him standing next to oline he looks them right in the eye…

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