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Rather than go the YouTubes route again (I’ll get around to uploading a few more videos eventually, I promise), I thought I’d put together a grab bag of things.

First, I got an e-mail from a curious reader (I keep forgetting that we have those know) wondering what we’re doing to safeguard against the possibility of the NCAA slapping us down with another penalty (and why we would bother with such a pretentious gimmick to excuse away-time or site updates). Well, we all discussed the matter privately and all came to the conclusion that we weren’t safe so long as the website was solely left to my grossly incompetent management. That’s why I contracted an ISO9001-certified Quality Assurance/Quality Control Staff to keep those NCAA compliance auditors at bay. They’re pictured below. By the looks of it, the garden gnome approves of the most recent Garrett Goebel feature while the plush Brutus Buckeye doll with built-in Buckeye Battle Cry tune in his left foot is still mulling things over.

OHD's Quality Assurance/Quality Control Staff

On the matter of linkage, here’s what I’ve been reading through the week.

  • Kosta Koufos is off to the Jazz to hang loose with some Mormons. Now, just to suffix, most Mormons I know think of Salt Lake City as a bastion of sin1, and — unrelated to the former point — I think of the NBA as almost a legitimate competitive sport as professional wrestling. But with that said, I don’t harbor any ill will for Koufos. I still maintain he should’ve come back to give BJ Mullens the opportunity to play with him that Koufos wanted to have with Greg Oden. I think he would’ve helped his stock accordingly. But given his family’s history, I don’t begrudge him. Him blindsiding Matta with the decision to quit school mid-quarter to pursue NBA camps is a kick in the jimmy (as well as the APR), but I fault the NCAA for leaving open that possibility. Godspeed, Kosta. Enjoy your millions.
  • The guys at BHGP with their take on JayPa’s Obamamania. Perhaps you heard, but Jay Paterno endorsed Barack Obama. Recently, he started blogging about politics on Barack Obama’s website. If you haven’t read the comments and guests posts from the likes of zombie Woody Hayes and Rich Rodriguez, you’ll get a kick out of it. Why Obama thought he was a worthwhile candidate for an open blog or how the Obama team couldn’t see this coming is beyond me. Regardless, I agree with Black Shoe Diaries on the topic of JayPa’s Obamablogging: there’s no good that could come for Penn State University and the athletic department from Jay Paterno’s endeavors. It could only be construed as a divisive and ultimately selfish squandering of time that invariably reflects poorly on his place of employment. Fortunately, the guys at BHGP gave us their take on this, and BHGP, as I’ve said, is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I should warn you, though: if you’re at work, do not Google “lemon party”. You should know better than that. Before anyone makes a point on the matter, I’ll state openly that I’m a political atheist and would be similarly as upset if Tressel started doing this for McCain or whoever.
  • Kelvin Sampson earns the Hoosiers even more potential problems. I carry no real resentment for Hoosier basketball fans, but it’s worth reiterating that you reap what you sow. Enjoy. You should’ve seen this coming.
  • Brian of MGoBlog tells us that Bama is down to two. Saban needs to make two scholarship players vanish from his football team to make room for his oversized recruiting class, and peddling crack is only going to help. It’s almost July and kickoff is just over two months away. Should be a photo finish!
  • On Jimmy Johns, apparently he had a pitbull-selling business… and apparently he was using his credentials as a UA football player to assist in the enterprise. This is definitely a big no-no if true. The website is supposed to be here, though I wouldn’t know of the details. For what it’s worth, his Facebook photo albums do prominently feature his pit bulls [named Brookhaven, Karma and Starr]. I have sources somewhat close to the situation that are pitching me things about his pitbull business and that there might be a bigger story of institutional control here. I’m not yet convinced. Until something more concrete comes out of it, though, a grain of salt is necessary. Indeed, I’ve learned not to trust the locals, but they’re huge Tide fans and even they think something is up. Moving on.
  • BTN and Comcast reach a deal. What do I care, though? I live in Alabama. Comcast told me long ago to stop harassing them for the Big Ten Network.
  • Captain’s Corner: Beware Of The Spartans? Says what I’ve been saying for awhile.

Enjoy your weekend.

  1. It apparently falls well short of the holy glory of Provo []


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