Urban Meyer… with a Buckstache?

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Vic was watching the 1987 Cotton Bowl to get some YouTubes up… and he sent me this out of curiosity. We don’t know for sure if it’s him, but Vic, Max and I are fairly sure it’s him enough to run with this post asking if it is1.

But, guess who!

Urban Meyer?

Again, we don’t know if it is him, but this was his first year as an Ohio State assistant (he was a TE coach that year while he was working on his Masters), so there’s no temporal inconsistency. If it is him, then, well: then let this show that Urban Meyer embraces the proud Ohio tradition that is the Buckstache.  That is as bold of a statement in support of the great state of Ohio as there is ever going to be.

Of course, it may not be him. Indeed, it could be Burt Reynolds on Earle Bruce’s staff.

* Walkman cassette player and Hall and Oates mixtape not pictured.

  1. the screencap itself comes from the celebration after Ohio State’s 3rd touchdown in the game. []


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5 Responses to “Urban Meyer… with a Buckstache?”

  1. 1 Ron

    Possibly it is. I found this reference photograph:


    I’m not sure if it also contains the same Buckstache. It may be a Buckstache-in-training.

  2. 2 Gabby Jay

    wow. good catch Ron. (If that pic posted is indeed him then) I don’t know who Urban thinks he’s fooling with that. That screencap Vic found is a Buckstache on par with the bushiest thing Burt Reynolds could put forward. He didn’t think we wouldn’t find this? I know what that is on your face, Urban. It’s a Buckstache, dammit. A Buckstache is Ohio’s most Ohioan tradition, and probably an entrance requirement to The Ohio State University during the 80s (seriously, I saw the player intros for the Cotton Bowl and about 70 percent of the team had Buckstaches). He can’t hide from his Buckstache past forever.

    A Buckstache is like a tattoo. You have it once and it follows you forever. Embrace the Buckstache, Urban. I know I did.

  3. 3 jason

    Either that or it’s my 8th grade health teacher. Mr. Shade, are you out there?

  4. 4 Poe McKnoe

    God, I hate Urban Meyer.

  5. 5 Skew

    How you feeling now Poe?

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