Justin Green becomes third commit of the weekend

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Justin Green
It might be the understatement of the year to say that recruiting has been going well this weekend for the Buckeyes. Having secured commitments from Duron Carter on Friday and Carlos Hyde earlier this morning, Justin Green decided to throw his lot in with the other committed Buckeyes. He becomes the third commitment of the weekend, the 20th overall and the second Buckeye legacy of the weekend as well. Justin Green is the younger brother of Marcus Green, a former defensive tackle for the Buckeyes.

To be honest, Justin Green, of Louisville, KY, was not an offer I predicted, but he was the beneficiary of an offer and renewed interest in the fallout of Darrell Givens’ decommitment. He more than proved his worth during camp, however, as some reports from the advanced camp this weekend had him pegged as the fastest player at camp. Such speed credentials come from his participation in track and field. Therein, Justin was the Kentucky state 100m champion as a sophomore, repeated the feat as a junior, but also added state titles in the 200m, 300m and 400m. It’s this SEC-caliber1 speed that earned him offers from Tennessee and Alabama among a host of others.

Justin projects as a defensive back in college and will most likely play there, though his quick feet might have Darrell Hazell lay down the hammer and put him at wideout, according to Justin. Lord knows Hazell has done it before with Anthony Gonzalez and Ted Ginn, both initially slated to be defensive backs in college. The difference for Justin was the legacy factor. Justin was just a grade schooler when he was introduced to the program through Marcus and grew up as a Buckeye and grew up with the Buckeyes. It was the offer he always wanted and only recently got. Justin opted to waste no more time.

As with Duron, there’s always a warm, fuzzy feeling we get when Buckeye legacies create their own legacies at Ohio State.


  1. sigh… how college football discourse has been so remarkably dumbed down these past few years… []


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  1. 1 Gabby Jay

    20 commits already? And we look in good position to reel in 5 more or thereabouts? Man, I do not envy being you in having to write all those Better Know A Buckeye features.

    Oh, a thought occurs: I’m pretty sure, at least with current rankings, that Jordan Whiting and Justin Green are Kentucky’s two best players (Rivals 100 #s 57 and 67 respectively). That has got to suck being a Wildcats fan and know that you have almost no chance with your state’s top players.

    That might be my favorite trend in Ohio State recruiting now. Not only are other schools not entitled to Ohio’s best players, but Ohio State is making it to where other schools are not even entitled to their own state’s top players anymore.

  2. 2 Vico

    On the topic of OOS defensive back recruits: http://recruiting.scout.com/2/764209.html

    Corey Brown, a teammate of Dorian Bell who you might remember as holding an Ohio State flag and waving it in the background during Dorian’s presser, will be deciding this week and, apparently, choosing between the Buckeyes and — get this — Pitt. Can we count this one as a lock? Apparently the presser might come as early as tomorrow.

    I’m counting this one as a lock, though I don’t have much credentials on the matter. For the record: Scout is too. Scout’s curiosity is not necessarily if he will be a Buckeye, but if he will be Buckeye commit no. 21 or if someone beats him to the punch and makes him no. 22.

  3. 3 Ron

    Recruiting has been amazing beyond my comprehension this year. I think I just had another multiple-Buckgasm. The competition for the few remaining spots should have people begging for them, not “deciding” between this school or that school.

    Honestly, Buckeyes or Pitt? Tough choice? That’s not playing very well, is it? It’s almost like being offered a knighthood, then telling the Queen you may need to wash your hair instead.

  4. 4 Ron

    My recruiting Buckgasm continues … What an amazing recruiting juggernaut Jim Tressel (et. al.) has built! The class of ’08 is amazing and ’09 is already filled with the best (and brightest!) in the nation! Holy commitment Batman! The scout team in ’09 will be the first ever to crack the preseason Top-10. They may even get a bowl bid!

    The Buckeyes should place a JV team in the MAC to help train them up. I want to see them all play. One team is not enough! Neither is just one beer, so …

    :beer: :beer: :beer:

    It’s good to be a Buckeye!

  5. 5 Ron

    The ’09 recruiting class/recruiting phenomenon is without precedent in my recollections. This gives pause for thought:

    1) Amazing success, building on amazing success. Good gets better, better gets amazing. Kinda what everybody strives for, but rarely achieve.

    2) Are earlier commitments better commitments? Pro’s and Con’s
    * Students are better able to focus on athletics/academics their senior year of HS.
    * Coaching staff better able to focus on tasks at hand, instead of scrambling to fill roster.
    * No sloppy seconds.
    * Buckeye fans, such as myself, get really excited, and repeatedly wet themselves.

    * Something bad can happen. Decommitment, or worse, and at the worst possible time.
    * Recruit actually defocuses during his senior year. Now what?
    * A “late-bloomer” is boxed-out by a filled roster.
    * Coaching changes can create instability amongst the committed recruits.
    * Buckeye fans, such as myself, get really excited, and repeatedly wet themselves.

    As an optimist, I am really liking the current state-of-affairs. As a pragmatist, I expect something will upset the applecart. We’ll see how it all plays-out, and hopefully deal successfully with any unexpected perturbations.

  6. 6 Ron

    No more mZone? Rats! I really enjoyed that blog, at least at it’s peak (which wasn’t that long ago). It was my favourite non-Buckeye blog. They were never funnier than when the wolverines were losing, and badly. Excellent job of turning sorrow into humor. The “Buckstache” and “Oh the Humanity!”, among others, sets the standard for blogging humor. And yes, I enjoyed the semi-naked coed articles too.

    Sadly, their content had diminished over the past couple months, and they weren’t that “funny” anymore.

    I used to follow Brian’s blog as frequently as mZone, but his blog has become increasingly “obtuse” to me, and reading it is laborious. Not to mention hundreds of comments for the most mundane of posts.

    But in michigan’s current “Twilight Zone” of uncertainty, what can they say? While we in the Buckeye Nation have a bright and tangible football future, up north, they don’t even know what it means anymore. No attempt at empathy on my part, just reiterating: It’s good to be a Buckeye!

    Any recommendations for replacement non-Buckeye blogs?

  7. 7 Vico

    If you’re looking for humor, I’d go with Black Heart Gold Pants stuff, especially their feaux-Zook and feaux-JoePa stories. Black Heart Gold Pants is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. If you’re also looking for humor, EDSBS seems to be the national gold standard on humor.

    I still read MGoBlog, even though much of Brian’s posts don’t interest me. It’s no fault of his own for covering michigan hockey or other stuff on michigan football (like recruiting) with some enthusiasm, but I’m just not his audience in that regard. I think Brian is at his best for a wide audience in ripping apart something or someone else. His deconstruction of Charlie Weis last year was, I think, the post of the year of any blog I’ve read for the 2007 season. Further, his back-and-forth with the Alabama blogs was epic. Basically, Brian called attention to how RichRod gets labeled duplicitous in his recruiting while Nick Saban oversigns by 7 or 8 players and gets rewarded as a “national recruiting champion”. Basically, the Alabama blogs bitched, but the broader story was, as follows: Brian is right and the Alabama blogs are petty and resorting to ad hominem attacks. It was comical how Brian kept putting forward evidence and facts and the Alabama blogs’ best response was to resort to vulgarities and name-calling. A few of my coworkers read that and looked to me for titty on the story knowing how much I hate michigan. My only response after (re)reading it (I knew about it from my own personal reading) was to tell them “Why would you look to me for support? He’s 100 percent right.”

    I think the one non-Buckeye blog that I don’t miss a post of is Lake the Posts. High quality blog that is. Everyone else likes Sunday Morning QB. I like it just fine, but with my weird, region-centric interests and busy schedule, it’s not a regular of mine.

  8. 8 Poe McKnoe


    Can we start a keyboard fund for Vico!? His must be burning up with this verbal storm!

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