Jonathan Newsome fortifies the Glenville pipeline

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Jonathan Newsome
6 commits in 5 days in June might be some kind of record in recruiting. If not, then more merit is given to Jonathan Newsome’s decision to commit to the Buckeyes today. Newsome — a DE/LB from the prized Glenville pipeline — becomes the 23rd commitment and assures that the Glenville pipeline started under Jim Tressel continues uninterrupted. Newsome states that now that he’s 100 percent committed, he will begin working on Marcus Hall, who is one of Ohio State’s key targets left and one of the best lineman prospects in the country.

Newsome’s decision is a curious one, and I wonder if it might have been brought on by matter of contagion or uncertainty about how many spots would be available. Glenville kids notoriously take their time — and with just cause — as Ted Ginn Sr (and Tressel himself) encourages Tarblooders not to rush into a decision. Newsome says the decision here was brought on by an unwillingness to drag out the process any further. After completing one of the Ginn bus tours in Columbus Friday, Newsome was unsure about his position. However, he became aware of the scholarship situation over the weekend. After talking it over with Mom — who is his biggest influence in recruiting and told him there’s no point in waiting or having cold feet if he’s 100 percent sure about something — Newsome called Ginn Sr and told him of his decision, and then called Tressel. The reason appears to be the truism of Tarblooders in general: Newsome, like most Tarblooders and most good Ohio boys, aspires to play at Ohio State, so there was no point in wasting any more time. Indeed, he almost committed at the Spring Game.

Newsome projects at either a defensive end or linebacker at the next level, and, given his tweener status, is very much raw potential at the moment. He impressed at some combines, but not at others, and might polish his skills with his senior year at Glenville. Jim Tressel probably sees him entering the LEO rotation at Ohio State, joining the ranks of Nathan Williams.

If the Buckeyes pick up at least 3 more of their targets left on the board, I don’t see how the 2009 class is anything other than the top recruiting class in the country. USC, Georgia, Florida and LSU certainly promise to close the gap going forward, but this class is remarkable. Really, though, if this keeps up, my keyboard might break.



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  1. 1 Ron


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  2. 2 Ron


    In light of the recent recruiting success, I’ve been having some thoughts about the near future.

    Perusing the current 2009 recruiting stats at DTI:

    I wonder if the early singings is more of a sign of modern recruiting, than simply good getting better for the Buckeyes. The recruiting game gets more and more competitive as time goes on. This can only lead to earlier and earlier contacting, and contacting mechanisms, to attract the attention of star recruits. Recruiting has always been competitive, but it seems to be reaching higher and higher degrees of difficulty. Texas and the Buckeyes seem to be leading the way here (with Texas recruiting almost entirely instate). But the national recruiting stage is a ferocious competition.

    As good recruits commit earlier and earlier, the competition to get decommits, should evolve to a higher level too. While this is nothing new, I would expect it to become more and more prevalent as time goes on. Essentially, Robinhood (or shall we now coin the term “ZookerHood”?) tactics of robbing the rich to give to the poor may become the dominant recruiting method. If a lower tier school cannot compete with the upper tier schools, I would expect them to curtail their early recruiting efforts, and then target potential commits as their *primary* means of getting good recruits. It seems logical, if only a bit theoretical, at this point.

    Measure/Countermeasures the chase will continue….

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