OHD Suspended for Use of Performance Hindering Layout

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(OHD-Wire) ALABAMA — The Alabama-based Buckeye blog Our Honor Defend was given its second suspension by the NCAA’s Division I Committee on Blogging Infractions. The committee deemed Our Honor Defend to be using a performance hindering layout, a primary violation of the NCAA’s blogging guidelines. A suspension will be served over the upcoming weekend, by which OHD will be taken offline and its blog engine and layout upgraded to NCAA regulations.

“I’ve only known Vic for a couple years now, but I’ve always known he was trouble,” added Gabby Jay in a prepared statement written on a used napkin, who insists he was not responsible for the infraction. “I don’t even know web design; I just kind of trusted Vic knew what he was doing. This is all his doing, not mine.”

The suspension is the second to hit the poorly maintained website, and Gabby insists that the blog is truly beleaguered by NCAA sanctions. “We started this blog with two goals: First, to find some outlet on the internets to vent so that we don’t end up breaking our TVs or breaking people’s faces down here. Second, to not become the Auburn of the blogosphere. I guess now that we’re being taken off the air I guess we can safely say OHD is the Auburn of the blogosphere. Dammit.”

Vico, the blogger responsible for the infraction, would not issue a formal statement, insisting that he have time to work Friday and through the weekend on the new design.

This is only the most recent scandal in a long line of incidents involving Max Power, a dual-threat blogging prospect from the Cleveland area who was recently tossed out of a popular Columbus nightclub for making it hail. Max Power offered no comment on the matter when approached during his usual morning breakfast of Pabst Blue Ribbon and s’mores.

The suspension will be active starting Saturday morning and will carry through the weekend. If nothing else, this serves as a rather silly and unnecessary pretext to overhaul the sight and increase its killing power. This layout is a quick, functional one, but apparently a better one is in the works.


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  1. 1 Ron

    You Bastards! You blew it up! Goddamn you all to hell!

  2. 2 Vico

    I know :( . Stupid NCAA.

    Oh well, I think the new layout I put together is pretty… just gotta work everything out over the weekend.

    (oh, and that is no exaggeration on Max Power’s breakfast.)

  3. 3 Matthew

    I love you.

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