Justin Boren to become a Buckeye

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He will have to sit out a year for NCAA transfer rules, and he will not be a recipient of an athletic scholarship (something Vic thought would take him to Pitt or somewhere else close to his Pickerington home), but Justin Boren has decided to transfer to The Ohio State University in a move that Buckeye historian Jack Park has called unprecedented:

Offensive lineman Justin Boren has decided to transfer from Michigan to Ohio State, and OSU football historian Jack Park thinks it is an unprecedented move.

Park, considered the walking encyclopedia of OSU football, said he can’t recall another high-profile player transferring from Michigan to Ohio State, and certainly not since World War II.

“He is just one player, but I think it’s a major moment (in the history of the rivalry),” Park said. “Just that it would happen is one thing. Then you throw in the fact his father (Mike Boren, who played linebacker for Bo Schembechler) had been at Michigan just makes it all the more interesting.”

Park pointed out that two players in the 1940s started their college careers at OSU, went to World War II, then played at Michigan upon their return. Howard Yerges Jr. was the starting quarterback and J.T. White the starting center for the Wolverines’ 1947 national championship team.

Of course, Gary Moeller thinks his contribution to traitory goodness goes underappreciated.

Also promising to be unprecedented is the level of bile to be spit from Ann Arbor to old Columbus town over the transfer. While, on its own merits, the move is a good one for the Buckeyes given they could use the interior help that a promising young guard and former Army All-American provides (and all of it gratis, too, since Boren can’t take a scholarship), the broader story will be the conversation regarding the move to follow Boren throughout his Ohio State career… and perhaps that of his younger brother should he choose to accept his own Buckeye offer… and the elder Boren who himself was one of Michigan’s all-time greats.

The blog banter is already under way, so Ohio State and Michigan fans: start your engines!  I suspect there will be fireworks…

…most of them coming from Ann Arbor, though.


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