Terrelle Pryor, the Buckeye

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Terrelle Pryor, during the AA game.And so ends the wildest recruitment in at least my few years of following the practice with even tangential interest. Opting not to draw out the process any further, Terelle Pryor pulled the trigger for the Buckeyes, making Jim Tressel — on vacation — an even happier fellow. What follows here is just the obligatory post on the matter that most Buckeye blogs should be doing by now.

You can of course imagine how well this is flying in other parts of the blogosphere — chiefly Penn State and Michigan blogs — who were also in the running for Pryor’s services. NittanyWhiteOut is suggesting that this in some way stems from offering his friend and football/basketball teammate Jordan Hall a scholarship on junior day, even though the Buckeyes did not offer Hall and previous reports on the issue were incorrect. RUTS is hinting at the scandalous allegations made earlier about a Corvette that I thought we already covered. I can’t imagine Penn State fans would be too thrilled either about a team that’s run wild over the conference for the past 3 years getting that much more explosive. To be fair, I think I would be upset too to have come so close to signing such a great athlete only to have Penn State swoop in and snatch him from our grasps. That said, I should stress that in all things science and writing, verification is a virtue.

I can has quorterbak?The real story, I think, is not necessarily Pryor not committing to a place he thought was “too country”, but instead how RichRod is now 0 for 2 on QB targets. Earlier in the month, ’09 product Russell Shepard — who I think in important ways might be a better looking prospect than Pryor if for arm strength and coverage reading abilities — committed to Louisiana State. Now, Pryor turned down the promise of immediate playing time for a coach whose offensive philosophy is tailor-made for his strengths in order to play for the dull-as-dishwater Buckeyes. Ouchies. I’m sure Michigan will be fine in due time, and I’m sure, in fairness to RichRod and the Wolvereenies, that they can make the most of what they have as he was able to do at Clemson for a year, but still… ouch.

For the meantime, though, all regards to Terrelle Pryor and his family for becoming part of the Buckeye family.

Even if it means me having more work to do on the Better Know A Buckeye series.


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  1. 1 Dave

    So, like, what do we do now?

  2. 2 Gabby Jay

    “So, like, what do we do now?”

    we drink! :beer:

  3. 3 Vico

    there’s also important things to discuss too about Pryor, chief among them: does he redshirt? if not, does he get the Tebow/Perrilloux role? does he surpass Henton on the depth chart? how much basketball will he end up playing? does Bauserman leave even if Henton has stated he would stay? Things to consider.

    okay Gabby, we didn’t have Lone Star come in and crash the wedding, so what’s the Spaceballs quote to sum this one up? I would think: “So Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.”

  4. 4 TheThad2.5

    Does someone have a link to the presser? I only caught the tail end as 10tv.com was overloaded.

  5. 5 Gabby Jay

    reaction from Rodriguez in Ann Arbor:
    Kevin Borseth goes nanners

  6. 6 Vico

    sadly I missed it. If I can find it somewhere in some kind of mms stream, I think I can rip it and upload it to the YouTubes. I’m sure someone else out there though is already working on that.

  7. 7 Vico


    Pryor doesn’t plan to play hoops in college.

    Sorry Memphis.

  8. 8 Dave

    The KDKA link is gold. After waiting for what seemed like days, finally got to see it–thanks Vico.

    Cringed a little bit when he said he was going to “The University of Ohio State” (is that the Newark branch?)

  9. 9 Vico

    heh, The University of Ohio State? Is that what he really said? I guess he and Lamaar Thomas will probably room together: http://www.buckeyecommentary.com/files/lamaar-thomas-commits.html

  10. 10 Vico

    well, at least I have the video now saved to my hard drive. The University of Ohio State thing I think is too funny.

  11. 11 Gabby Jay


    more here.

    I love how this means that the one school that everyone is tired of hearing about is getting even more coverage. Sorry Mitch Mustain. Deal with it.

  12. 12 TheThad2.5

    Thanks for the link Vico.

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