Buckeyes draw Godzilla and UNC Asheville in the NIT

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Well, no big dance for us. But if it’s any consolation prize, the Buckeyes will participate in the Nobody’s In Town Tournament, hosting UNC Asheville in their first game.

Kenny George, Center #22, UNC AshevilleThe attraction there, of course, is that UNC Asheville’s starting center is 7’8 360lb redshirt junior Kenny George, who leads the nation in blocked shots and the number of wide-eyed gawkers telling themselves “now that guy has got to be 9 feet tall”. George’s 3.4 blocks a game will make him a formidable foe in the paint for Koufos and Othello, though there’s a few caveats to the Kenny George story. Chief among them: Kenny plays only about 20 minutes a game for what appears on what I have seen to be an issue of athleticism. Kenny gets winded rather easily (it appears) and does not get up and down the court with the greatest of ease. Any athleticism on the Buckeyes’ side of the ball will be a definite key to a victory, though the presence of Kenny will be something heretofore without precedent for the Bucks. How the Buckeyes deal with an 8’300 foot sequoia in the paint will be worth watching.

If you’re into that thing.

Of course, Kenny is an important component to UNC Asheville’s team, but he’s far from the only story. UNC Asheville is a great team on their own accord. The Bulldogs were the regular season Big South champions, where a loss to Winthrop in the Big South tournament finale cost them a shot at the Field of 65.

I’m still disappointed that the Bucks didn’t make the Big Dance, though I can’t really complain about the Bucks being left out. Inclusion of the Buckeyes would’ve been charity — appreciated charity — but charity nonetheless. The Bucks have only themselves to blame for the losses to Minnysoda, Iowa and Michigan, which no doubt played a huge hand in costing them an at-large bid. But here’s hoping for a strong run in the NIT to build momentum for the 08-09 campaign, where the inclusion of BJ Mullens at the pivot to compliment Koufos (fingers crossed) should make for a more formidable team. Here’s also hoping for a strong run in the NIT because I need to buy a postseason championship t-shirt of some kind, dammit.

Oh, and for God’s sake people, show up to the first game in Columbus. Max, I’m looking in your direction.


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  1. 1 Max Power

    I will be there to make OHD Proud…

    I need to find some ways to heckle Mr. George. Any good ideas (let me put emphasis on good here)?

  2. 2 Vico

    honey, if you’re looking for good ideas, you came to the wrong place.

    I thought you knew that.

  3. 3 Gabby Jay

    yeah, this blog stinks out loud. I thought everyone knew that, including ourselves.

    Oh, I know Vic already started the cavetching about how Arizona got in the tournament with no real resume to speak of, but there’s a few other curiosities here as well, such as:
    - Dayton got hosed, pure and simple. If there was such a thing as clear bias towards the big boys, Dayton would be an example of just that. Arizona gets in to the tournament with nothing to hang its hat on while Dayton goes 21-10, beats Louisville and Pitt and stays home. Sure, the Flyers were .500 down the final 12 games (6-6), but, umm… didn’t Arizona outlimp the Flyers to a 4-8 finish in their final 12 games? So Arizona gets to the tournament and Dayton doesn’t. Hmm. That seems fair.
    - Why is Butler a 6 seed? They win their regular season crown, conference crown, lose only 3 games in the process, beat Ohio State, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, Florida State (among others) and their postseason reward is to go to Birmingham, Alabama as a 6 seed to play an instate team. Hmm.
    - Hoosier Report already picked up on it, but the selections here were a clear “screw you” to the Big 10. Wisky as a 3, Sparty as 5, Indiana as an 8 (I can agree with this one, more or less), Purdue as 6? Hmm. Big 10 must not be well liked, even though a Big 10 team has been represented in 5 Final Fours since 2000, even sending two representatives in 2000 and 2005. Hmm.

    I’m already bored. Go Bucks!

  4. 4 Mike Honeycutt

    I’m hopeful UNC Asheville gives Ohio State a good game.

    I’ll give you a (biased) scouting report:

    1. KJ Garland and Byran Smithson are outstanding guards. If they are playing well they can cause problems both inside and outside.

    2. John Williams and Vince James – they produce their best work on defense. John will turn a few heads when you see him leap.

    3. Kenny George – 7′ 7′ and 360 pounds. Everyone should see him play once since he is simply the biggest man you have ever seen. His stats are ok (look them up on the NCAA website). His flat-footed dunks are amazing. He is a “gentle giant” with very few fouls per game and doesn’t get upset.

    Should be a good game.

    Mike Honeycutt

  5. 5 Vico

    yeah, I forgot to mention that part about Kenny that he averages about a foul and a half a game in his 20 minutes of playing time, aided largely by his ability to block or alter shots and never having to leave his feet or lean into a shooter.

    Thanks for the scouting report. Always appreciated.

  6. 6 Arkansas Buckeye

    Perception outside the midwest is that the Big 10 has been VERY unimpressive this year. I hope the Big 4 prove them wrong. And they can start by the Hoosiers just PASTING the Razorbacks. Man has my life disappeared down the rabbit hole when I’m rooting for Indiana basketball.

  7. 7 Vico

    yeah, I live in SEC Country as well and have to hear that too, but I remind myself that the SEC is no. 7 in conference strength and they get 6 teams in the tournament (including .500 Georgia, the automatic bid). The SEC also has a down year but doesn’t suffer in tournament seeding. But we do, even as (officially) conference strength has nothing to do with the equation? Curious, if nothing else.

    And yeah, Hoosier fans are to Big 10 basketball what Penn State is to Big 10 football, and I find myself rooting for them and their team. What’s become of me?

  8. 8 Max Power

    Just ordered my ticket!

    You can buy tickets at http://www.hangonsloopy.com

  9. 9 Vico


    make us proud, dammit.

  10. 10 Dark knight

    All of the Nature shows on PBS are awesome, and “In The Valley of The Wolves” is one of the best. ThaNK you Mr. Landis for your devotion to your craft. Beautiful and awe inspiring. God Bless!!

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