12yr old applied for WVU job? Really?

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Undeterred by his age, a 12 yr old kid from Connecticut apparently applied for the WVU vacancy in early January. And he was serious about it too.

Joshua Irizarry is all of 12 years old. That hardly stopped him from applying for the job of football coach at West Virginia University.

Insisting it was a “completely serious offer”, the Connecticut boy outlined his skills in a letter to West Virginia president Mike Garrison when the job opened in December. They included “making up new plays to fool defenses in local sandlot games.”

The kid also has an eye for marketing.

“Consider the publicity your campus would receive,” he wrote in the letter. “I understand this would be a move more suited for a team like Temple, but I am just asking for your consideration.”

“Don’t think of this as hiring a 12-year-old kid from a nowhere town, but think of this as hiring a dedicated football mind trying to help a team,” he said.  “I would work for any conditions you would wish to provide.”

If you remember, though, the same 12 year old kid turned down the Alabama job last year.


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