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Due to work obligations, we’re going to miss ESPN’s live coverage of most of the signing day happenings. Feel free to comment here about goingson at the end of the 2008 recruiting frenzy.

General observations, of course:

  • We hate prediction, we really do, since it’s glorified unscientific guessing, but for the hell of it, our predictions: Bucks take Pryor, Jenkins and lose Harris to Miami of Florida. Small price to pay for taking in both of those guys, if you ask us. If we’re wrong, well, we’re wrong. There’s nothing scientific about prediction in popular media. You were warned.
  • We really have no clue about Orhian Johnson (08 FL ATH, likely going to make the jump from HS QB to defensive back), though in our obviously biased interpretation, I think we have the best program among his list of offers (Indiana, South Florida, UConn, Kansas, FIU). Whether or not program prestige can overcome distance or whatever else is beyond us at the moment.
  • Dawawn Whitner is a non-offer waiting to sign on signing day. There is certainly — as far as we know — certainly enough scholarships for him, but we don’t have a clue if he comes to the Buckeyes like brother Donte a couple years ago. Honestly, we just kind of wrote off Whitner when teammate Shaq Rowell committed. Even if the Bucks get Pryor, Jenkins, Harris and Johnson (chances: nil, one of those will not join and we’re certain it’ll be Harris), the Bucks will still have enough room for Whitner and get below the Big Ten cap of 25 scholarships per class. If he doesn’t sign with the Bucks, we think he follows Cordale Scott to the Illini (FWIW), and that might be enough for Tressel to step in and 86 that possibility.
  • Again, remember our disclaimers: A) we suck and are not informative and B) prediction in popular media is glorified unscientific guessing. Take with a grain of salt.

Of course, we focus on the kids who could commit tomorrow but lose sight of the ones that committed earlier to free up their time, their anxieties, and the recruiting efforts of Ohio State. Specifically, players — nay: heroes — like Michael Brewster, JB Shugarts and Mike Adams1 not only committed early, but worked their telegraphs helped bring in talent with them, thereby forever molding this class in their image. Moreover, we also commend recruits like Garrett “Gladiator” Goebel, Andrew Sweat and Nathan Williams for committing early so they could focus on other stuff (Goebel, for instance, is a nationally recognized wrestler; Sweat is a baseballer who will probably be taken early in the MLB draft [Sweat was also heavily recruiting others as well]) and just know that they would be Buckeyes before too long. Moreover, we also commend Travis Howard for committing on the Penn State weekend, invariably opening up the possibility that HS teammate, and legitimate gridiron monster, Etienne Sabino would follow him to Columbus.

Simply put: you guys are the balls.

O-H-I-OOf course, here’s the obligatory reminder to Josh Jenkins that he could be part of this should he so choose. Put the I in OHIO, you know you wanna.

Go Bucks!

  1. yes, we have a lineman fetish. deal with it []


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  1. 1 Gabby Jay

    Mike Farrell keeps sticking to this “Pryor is not gonna sign” guns, fwiw. Don’t know what Bucknuts has, but Farrell/Lichtenfels are insistent about this.

  2. 2 Vico

    swing and a miss on our side, and this might be why there’s a late interest in Patrick Omameh

  3. 3 Gabby Jay

    that’s unfortunate, I really think he would’ve had a blast playing for the Buckeyes (and we would’ve had a blast watching him). Though I’m sure he’ll have a blast playing for the hometown school. In the end, I guess the “hometown” mystique was too much to overcome in a choice between two schools that are basically equidistant.

  4. 4 Dave

    What the fuck is going on here?

    Is anyone getting sick or at least developing a serious case of anxiety on the account of this high school senior?

    And please, as I may have misread the article in a blind rage, help me understand the described interaction between Pryor and his father…

  5. 5 Vico

    as far as I know, this is almost exactly what Mike Farrell came out saying just a few hours ago on Rivals, but I don’t have a subscription to their account. Kudos on the link.

    Of course, I keep reminding myself that it’s the kid’s (Pryor’s) decision and not my own. Sadly, I just wish everyone can share the nationalist fervor for The Ohio State University that I have (and hence the title of this crappy website of ours), and thus I’m getting impatient. But fair’s fair to the kid, who presumably still has some HS basketball left on his slate.

  6. 6 Gabby Jay

    rejoice, for Mike Adams has officially signed his letter of intent. hoo-ray beer! :beer:

    btw, for those of you who want to use the official OHD hoo-ray beer! emoticon, just type : beer : , except remove the spaces between the colons and “beer”

  7. 7 Max Power

    Orhian Johnson to the Bucks!

  8. 8 Ron

    Home today for National Signing day! :beer:

    Do you have anymore of those double-colon thingies? Today, especially, they’d come in really handy. Whatcha-dealies, such as:

    :o hpoop:
    :fmichigan: and the like…

    as two-time winners of the internets, you probably got a bucket full of these things. Or at least have a link to somewhere.

    wait a tic…

  9. 9 Ron

    meh… a couple work. Is this something you have to wire in by hand?

  10. 10 Wil

    Everyone, my brother just emailed me this quote:

    “When we talked (Tuesday morning), I gave him my choice and he gave me his,” said Pryor’s father, Craig. “They weren’t
    the same. But it’s his decision.”

    Craig Pryor said he did not pick Ohio State, but he did not indicate what school his son chose.

    Craig Pryor also told his son that playing immediately might not be the best way to make progress. He said it wouldn’t
    hurt if he sat back and watched while he tries to learn to read defenses.

    “He’s not worried about playing right away,” Craig Pryor said. “It will give him time to learn and adjust to the speed
    of the game.”

    My bet is his dad said PSU and that might be why he is delaying it to take a visit to PSU.

    A little bit of good news is that all of our verbals have signed:

  11. 11 Gabby Jay

    Orhian Johnson committing to the Bucks is good enough for a few hoo-ray beers: :beer:
    Thanks for the scoop, Wil. I can’t wait for this Pryor thing to be over.

  12. 12 Vico

    for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t expect to see a Whitner offer forthcoming. Something about a test score that may effectively end Whitner’s chance with the Bucks.

  13. 13 Max Power

    Nothing new in that story, but they have the ACT scores and GPAs of the players. Does anyone else find that a bit creepy?

    Hooray-Beer to National Signing Day


  14. 14 Vico

    depends on what you think is creepier, Bucknuts having those scores or me getting turned on by Jermil Martin’s, Devier Posey’s and especially Andrew Sweat’s and Zach Domicone’s scores. Lamaar Thomas, on the other hand…

  15. 15 Wil

    Drink your Hooray-Beers Gabby Jay

    Orhian Johnson is a Buckeye:

  16. 16 Gabby Jay

    signed, sealed, delivered, he’s ours.


  17. 17 Keith

    Kind of a quiet signing day after all. Any guesses when Terrelle may finally announce?

  18. 18 Dave

    Sure you’ve heard by now but Brandon Harris is a no-go. He’ll be a ‘Cane.

    He was a long shot to begin with but I was hoping that Miami’s class was so big and so talented that he might want to try his luck with Ohio State.

  19. 19 Wil

    Our LOID’s always seem to suck!

    Michigan, on the other hand, is having a pretty good week:
    # 5 Center **** Ricky Barnum
    # 41 Athelete *** Justin Feagin
    # 44 Wide Receiver **** Roy Roundtree
    # 9 All Purpose Back **** Terrence Robinson

    and now they just took this guy away from Penn State:
    # 7 Running Back **** Michael Shaw

    I’m not liking the way this looks!!!!!!

  20. 20 Vico

    no surprise with Harris, and in fact I kinda welcome it. Darrell Givens already has an offer for next year’s class, and I would guess losing out on Harris made OSU a more attractive option for Lamaar Thomas’ HS buddy.

    developing story with Michigan of course is the no-show of McGuffie’s LOI. Stunning that it’s not in yet, says

    Keith, it’s quiet in that there was only one pleasant surprise, but maybe it’s just my age, but getting Mike Adams in all his divine glory to sign that LOI was like the nice sweaters my mom buys me for Christmas. I know they’re coming, but I still cherish them anyways.

    And with that I’ve already outed myself as an old, old man stuck in the body of a young twerp.

    And for Terrelle, well, I’m giving up on him in that whatever decision he makes — whenever it is — is his and should be his alone. Me commenting any more on probabilities of when and where is probably unnecessary to the point where I have to tell myself “meh, given the random fluctuations in information about 80-90 percent sure, to 50 percent sure, back to 80-90% and down to zero? I should probably stop”. I’d love to have him (moreso than that it would be major egg on Michigan’s face), but if he feels he needs more time than so be it (he is pretty busy after all).

  21. 21 Wil

    Sam McGuffie said he may not decide today at all because he is now interested in Cal.

    But as I previously mentined they stole a more highly ranked runningback in Michael Shaw from Penn State.

    (might be why Sam McGuffie is thinking about changing)

  22. 22 Max Power story stating that it is down to Ohio State and Penn State University:

    Take it for what you will. It is very interesting story regardless


    I can’t get enough of the new graphic! Hooray-Beer!


  23. 23 Wil

    Another article stating it WOULD have been OSU

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