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More information forthcoming about the letter Willie Mobley and his mother brought to public attention on signing day.

Willie Mobley, a high school recruit who signed this week to play at Ohio State, said he wasn’t fooled by fake letters with the forged signature of coach Jim Tressel telling him his scholarship had been withdrawn.

This is new as far as I know, since the article that I linked to earlier didn’t mention this wrinkle to the letters. From this, it’s probably obvious why Mobley and family could sniff it out.

The first bogus letter arrived in January followed by a second one Wednesday, he said.

Both letters appeared to be on Ohio State letterhead and were postmarked from Columbus.

New as well, which probably means Minnesota’s staff probably had nothing to do with it, unless the ruse here is really elaborate.

“I looked at them like, ‘What the heck? This is fake,’ ” Mobley said Thursday. “There were all these misspellings, and you couldn’t even read the signature, it was like, ‘Jim, scribble-scribble.’ “

heh, life imitates Brian of MGoBlog once more. Per Brian:

I would like to meet the deranged person who thinks a letter from Jim Tressel that says “Dear Recruit, You Suck” is credible, especially when the body of the letter seems cut and pasted from that stupid guy on your message board always writing open letters to recruits.

OMG LOL Willie Mobley! Come to Minnesota! Sincerely, Jim Tressel.

And apparently, there were other recruits targeted:

Mobley, who also considered attending Minnesota and UCLA, said he called Tressel to tell him about the hoax. Tressel told him he had heard of other players receiving the letters, Mobley said.

Worth watching develop, of course. Especially if the perpetrator was acting on behalf of Minnesota’s staff, but I seriously doubt it. This is probably just some weird mass-level prank, since any organized tomfoolery from a coaching staff would make damn sure not to have such spelling errors.


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    Pryor received one as well. I’m thinking DickRod may have his minions at work.

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