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Terrelle Pryor (apparently) leaning against a Corvette (apparently, but more than likely a Corvette).  Posted on MGoBlog.Something about a recruiting scandal is in the works — so everyone around college football is hoping for — regarding two-sport Vince Young and OSU’s athletic department. It’s focal point? A corvette, apparently.

So the story goes (and I’m getting all of this from Brian’s post at MGoBlog), a Jeannette-area businessman — a Ted Sarniak, owner of a glass factory, apparently — loaned Pryor his Corvette for prom, apparently, and will give it to him as a graduation gift, apparently. We’re almost certain this violates at the least a baker’s dozen of NCAA violations, but, from that, it’s not clear where Ohio State enters.

And here’s where they do: The day before Terrelle Pryor’s visit to Ann Arbor, OSU coaches met with “someone close to Pryor, believed to be Sarniak”… … apparently. I’ve not read anything where Tressel was definitely in the cadre that — apparently — met with Sarniak but popular discourse surrounding these (apparent) events just treats the situation as if he was there. The OSU-Sarniak connection exists because, apparently, Sarniak has a business in nearby Dublin, Ohio.

Of course, this is all comes with the necessary “apparently” tag because, as Brian notes on Tuesday, this just smacks of sour grapes and people wanting to lord Maurice Clarett over the program. Notwithstanding, I don’t doubt that there’s something to the story here (certainly on Pryor’s side since that Corvette thing appears to be real), so there could be room for legitimate suspicion regarding Pryor’s eligibility but it is not clear, however, where OSU’s football coaches have committed violations, or which ones have committed violations if said violations exist. The implication is that Ohio State’s athletic department — which launders money to its football players that has been acquired through illicit narcotics transactions with the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) — set up the two parties to bribe Pryor into coming to The Ohio State University where he, like other Buckeyes, can work part time at the McCracken Power Plant turning newborn children, puppies and all things sunshine and lollipops into consolidated units of pure evil (and, the light-fat evil option of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Pure Evil ™ ) all the while leading the tackle football team to gridiron glory. Of course, this would have to be demonstrated, and greater clarification of who and what are necessary before college football fans elsewhere can be giddy that the Evil Empire of the Big Ten is going to get its comeuppance.

Until then, the “apparently” tag is necessary.


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