DeVoe Torrence will not be a Buckeye

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This one has been flying around the rumor mill for quite some time, but the Canton Repository is noting now that it’s official: Ohio State has withdrawn DeVoe Torrence’s scholarship offer.

“The Buckeyes have pulled their full-ride scholarship offer to Massillon running back DeVoe Torrence, a source within OSU’s program told The Repository on Tuesday night,” Porter wrote.  Sources close to OSU’s program confirmed the offer had been pulled.

“Torrence lost his scholarship for off-the-field issues which may include academic problems, sources said. The Repository first reported earlier this month that one of Ohio’s top recruits had not scheduled an official visit to Ohio State.”

The exact offense for withdrawing the scholarship has not been made explicit and, as the last paragraph in the blockquote suggests, could be a combination of issues including bad behaviour and declining academics. The big offense for Torrence may (emphasis on may, because it is a rumour) be connected with the Massillon student-athlete sex crime probe1, where 13 and 14 year old girls were involved. Again: rumour.

Running back now becomes a priority in the 2009 class if the Buckeyes don’t pick up Aundre Dean from Texas this year. If they don’t get Dean, say hello to this nice fellow from Kansas.

  1. I feel guilty even mentioning Torrence’s name with that scandal or crime because the crime is so outrageous that it wouldn’t be fair to mention his name within the context unless I knew for sure. That said, others have picked up on this here, for example. Of course, Torrence’s situation could be similar to that of Genarlow Wilson, where the “minor” thing is more of a technicality (18 to 16 years old, for example) than a substantively horrible offense (18 to 13, for example). Again, I ultimately don’t know, so this is all alleged at the moment. []


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  1. 1 Baby Jesus

    Gotta say I love the blog and design…you will be a required read daily…I will bring you fresh oracles as well.

  2. 2 Ron

    Uh oh. Looks like Vico gotta change the Protagonists to “TWO devoted readerS” (yes, plural, as in both of us) If I change my handle to “Holy Ghost”, we’ll be just one shy of a complete Trinity. “God the Father”? Any takers?

  3. 3 Father

    sex scandal for high scool kid = kiss of death

  4. 4 JoseOle

    Well it really doesn’t matter if he’s here or not. They have Beanie, Saine, and BOOM Herron that redshirted last year so Torrence was a luxury pick, they just have to pick up a HB in next years class or another 3 star this year. There were some guys on Rivals that were interested but tOSU haven’t offered yet maybe they will get one of them. Mark D’antonio should thank Tressel he will swoop in and get another troubled Ohio RB.

  5. 5 JoseOle

    I forgot about having Lamar Thomas coming next year, he looked good in the Army allstar game.

  6. 6 scUM

    ‘behaviour’? Is Colombus in Britain now?

  7. 7 Vico

    I had to check my globe, but apparently it is not. We, however, are.

    At least I think that’s the case.

  8. 8 Wil

    How do you guys get this recruiting news over there in Britain so fast?

  9. 9 Vico

    heh, we’re not from Britain, we just spell things British-ly (Gabby and I that is, Max is an American — a great one at that — and spells like one). British spellings just kind of stuck with us growing up for one reason or the other.

  10. 10 Wil

    I know, I was just playing along.

    Has anybody heard any news on the Buckeyes chances of getting Aundre Dean?

    I know this link says he is committed to UCLA, but most analysts say that he has decommitted.

  11. 11 Vico

    As far as I know, Ohio State isn’t pursuing him, and there seems to be a question regarding the status of his offer (Bucknuts still says he has one, Buckeye Planet now says he doesn’t). Apparently he was really interested following the decommit from You-CLA, and his HS coach admitted following the Torrence saga with some interest. As of now, he has no offer or, if he has an offer (as Bucknuts says he does), there’s no mutual interest. Of course, a lot of this is pre-Torrence’s withdrawal, but still nothing suggests a lean to OSU.

    Of course, understanding what little I know about the Wide World of Recruiting, if his coach and Dean himself make an impassioned plea to Tressel, I can’t imagine Tressel saying no. As of now, it looks like the Bucks are getting in line to put the full court press on Bryce Brown.

    That said, I haven’t the foggiest idea where he ends up.

  12. 12 Wil

    Bryce Brown’s brother committed to Miami (FL), so it looks like he is favoring them.

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